Make as many changes as you may require during any one month.

Please request each change on a separate email.
Google loves to have new content to search.
I will do each incoming mail on a first in, first done basis, and when I have finished updating your web page, email you a done email.
Remember to refresh your web pages to see the latest content.

How often can I make changes?
Are there any other costs involved?

There are no other costs involved.

The wording content you can supply as a word doc. attachment or included in an email
Pictures as JPGs.
Video as a link to your YouTube video

What do I have to supply you with?
Will I have my own domain name and email address?

No, as that is a extra cost factor, while having your own domain allows you to have your own email address your web site will then be a standalone site and not reap the benefit of a portal web site.
I also make multiple page web sites see here.

Google simply loves videos.

Yes, you can have a few videos on your web page.
When you have created your video load them to YouTube and email me the link with some wording explaining the high lights of the video.

Can I have a video on my web page?
How does payment work?
Once you have accepted the design, I will invoice you for the once off set up cost of R500.00.
On the 25th of the month your will be invoiced for the monthly option at R150.00
Remember that this option allows you as many changes to your web page as you may like.